Salon Booking Policy


On behalf of the entire Booji Beauty Bar & Co. team, we would like to personally say thank you for bookings your beauty needs with us! Please know and believe the Booji Beauty Team is committed to providing YOU with only the highest quality of personal care delivered through impeccable customer service. We look forward to serving you and having you become one of our loyal guests. We hope that we have the pleasure of providing services to you for many more years to come! We can't wait for you to sit with us! Be prepared to be pampered and enjoy the "Booji-fied" experience.

About Us:

Booji Beauty Bar & Co. is a guest-friendly, upscale local hair salon that specializes in natural healthy hair styles. We offer several innovative hair and beauty styling services such as luxurious hair extensions services, braids, eyelash extensions, hair coloring, and retail hair extensions. "At Booji Beauty we create a bond between our salon company and each guest’s giving them a sense of comfort knowing fully well that their beauty requirements are handled by professionals."


Prior to booking an appointment it is imperative that you read through this entire Booking Policy. Our policy is presented and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent servicing for our established and future Guests. Please keep in mind that, we at The Booji Beauty Bar have the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by our Booking Policy.

To ensure we can offer the best service to you and all the valued guests we have in place the following salon policies. We may use our discretion and waive or relax the policy where we deem necessary if the circumstance is an emergency.

This policy allows us the time to inform our standby/waitlisted guests of any availability, as well as keeping our team members schedules filled, thus better serving everyone. The Booji Beauty Bar & Co policies are presented and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent servicing for our established and future clientele.


Start Here:

Booking Instructions:

When booking an appointment please keep in mind of the following: 


  1. If you are not sure which service to book, please book a Consultation so we can discuss service options and recommendations.
  2. Please be sure to read the description box of the selected service to ensure it represents your intended service(s).
  3. Be sure to add all additional services needed (i.e., trim, cut, scalp treatment, etc.). Failure to book accordingly will result in additional charges and/or appointment denial) 
  4. All color services require a consultation 72 hours prior to the color service appointment which includes a patch test.
  5. All wig and frontal installation services require a prior consultation which includes a patch test.
  6. All first-time eyelash extension guests must book a mandatory lash consultation which includes a patch test.

Communication is key! If you have questions or concerns about your appointment, stylist, dissatisfaction, or pricing, we ask that you be assertive and communicate with us within a timely manner.

Booking Communications:

When booking an appointment, it is REQUIRED that you provide all your correct contact information. (i.e., phone number, email address, birthday, and referral info). We will send you appointment confirmations via text and email. If necessary, we will also call to confirm your arrival. It is REQUIRED that you confirm your appointment(s). Text communications are now time-stamped and recorded under your Booji Beauty Guest profile.


Rewards, Discounts, & Specials:

When booking an appointment, we ask for your birthdate and referral information because we love to honor our new and existing guests with birthdays gifts and reward points! Periodically we advertise beauty specials on select services.


Salon Rules:


  • Be mindful of your personal/work phone conversations - we ask that you keep these conversations to a minimum with a low octave.
  • Please do not hold phone conversations while we are trying to work on and wash your hair.
  • Do NOT charge your personal/work computers in our hot tool outlets. We will not be held liable for electrical damages. Be sure to only use the designated charging area.
  • No pets, service animals of any kind are allowed.


Extra Guests/Visitors/Children: We love that our Guests love our new salon as it is beautiful, fun, and spacious, but we have some rules that must be adhered to:

  • Do NOT bring any extra guests, friends, family nor children with you to your appointment.
  • As much as we love children, we do not offer childcare services. Our staff’s main priority is to care for our paying guest’s beauty needs. Majority of our Guests are moms and choose to come to Booji Beauty as a retreat for a QUIET and relaxing experience.
  • If you fail to abide by this rule, then you will be rescheduled, and another Booking Fee will be assessed.
  • We do not allow self-guided tours without the approval of management, so be sure to ask prior to walking around the salon.

Kids Policy:

  • We only service children 4 years of age and older
  • If your child is tender headed or has a sensitive scalp, and they are not able to sit through the duration of their service, then we will change their service to a simple service (i.e., wash and blowout and/or 2 braids). If your child cannot sit through a service, we have the right to refuse services and charge an "Inconvenience Fee" of $1.00 per minute.
  • Please do not feed your children sugary drinks, snacks, or candy prior to their appointment.
  • Be sure to bring an electronic device for your child to watch or play games on for the duration of the service.
  • If you choose to stay at the salon during the duration of your child's service, be sure that you stay seated in the waiting area as we do not allow parents to hover over stylists while they are trying to work.

Kids Drop Off & Pick-up:

  • You may only drop off your child if they are well mannered, can sit still to get services, and do not have special needs or health issues.
  • Upon the staff calling/texting you that your child's service is complete, we allot a 15-minute pick-up window, any time after that will cost $1 per minute.

Gossip is common and can be quite intriguing, but here at Booji Beauty we really strive on providing a relaxing, drama-free, gossip-free environment. We want you to relax, enjoy your experience without having to worry or hear about someone else's problems or subject matters that may be offensive. If you happen to hear any type of inappropriate comments, conversations, or music please make our Human Resources salon manager aware of the situation by emailing:


Products/Wigs Requirements:

  • We do not allow Guests to bring in their own hair products (i.e., shampoo etc.)
  • We do NOT perform touch-ups or fix other salons/stylists work outside of Booji Beauty We do not perform lash refill services, or touch-ups hair extensions services that was not done at The Booji Beauty Bar... NO EXCEPTIONS
  • We do not offer the following services:
    • Relaxers or texturizers
    • Pixie Cuts
    • Bro-zilians (male Brazilians)
    • Loc Extensions
    • Massage Therapy
  • All wigs and hair pieces must be purchase from a reputable online vendor or from us. 
    • We do NOT work on or install wigs, lace closure, or frontals purchased from beauty supply stores.
    • We do NOT work on or install synthetic wigs.
    • We do NOT work on or install mix blend wigs.
    • We do NOT work on or install hand-made wigs or custom wigs from other salons or stylists.
  • If you purchased a wig from another wig company, it is imperative that you try on the wig PRIOR to your wig consultation with Booji Beauty.
  • The wig must fit comfortably and not be baggy in the crown or nape, and if it is a lace frontal wig, the lace must come past your natural hairline.
  1. Keep in mind when wig shopping online or with other companies, that wigs are NOT "one size fits all". Everyone’s head size (circumference) is different. Be sure to use your measurements, and purchase the correct wig size from the following Booji Specific vendors:        or


Beauty Budget:


What sets Booji Beauty apart from other Beauty Bar's is all of our service prices are posted for our consumers to see online and in the salon. Prior to booking services, it is imperative that you discuss with a stylist your beauty desires and we can recommend what services may fall in line with your beauty budget. This is best done during a consultation. Keep in mind that we do not reduce or adjust our cost of services to fit you budget.



All availability is based our stylists work schedules and services they can perform. Appointment slots are based on "first come, first serve". If you book an incorrect service just to get in on the schedule, this will result in your appointment being cancelled. Be sure to add all additional services needed when booking. Failure to book accordingly will result in additional charges and/or appointment denial (i.e., trim, cut, scalp treatment, etc.).


*Please note that as a teaching salon, certain services may be divided between your scheduled stylist and an assistant to ensure you receive the best possible care and attention.*

At Booji Beauty, we celebrate the unique talents and expertise of each of our stylists, which is reflected in our pricing structure. Each stylist's prices begin at a base rate and may vary upwards, depending on the stylist's level of experience, education, and specialty skills (example of pricing "$25 & up"). Our commission-based pay model incentivizes our stylists to not only provide exceptional service but also to continue advancing their craft through ongoing education and mastery of the latest trends and techniques. This approach ensures that our guests receive personalized, high-quality service tailored to their individual needs and desires, directly supporting the professional growth of our stylists. Thank you for choosing Booji Beauty, where your service directly contributes to the flourishing careers of our dedicated professionals.

Payment Methods:

An active and valid credit/debit is required to be always kept on your booking profile. No exceptions. We accept all major debit cards, credit cards, and cash.


Booking Fee: At the time of making an appointment booking, a Booking Fee will be assessed and held to secure your appointment. The Booking Fee will be applied to the total amount of your service ticket at the time of check-out. Our Booking Fee requirements are as follows:


Booking Fee Refund Request Process: 

In order for your Booking Fee to be refunded, you must cancel/reschedule within 48-hours and call us directly at 720-507-8813 to submit your request as our booking software does NOT automatically refund approved fees. We required 7 to 14 business days for Booking Fee refund processing. Unfortunately, our booking software currently does not have the capability to roll over a Booking Fee to another appointment booked. We will need to refund the initial Booking Fee and charge a new Booking Fee for the new appointment.


Tardy Policy:

 Communication is key!  If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, we require you to notify the salon staff via text IMMEDIATELY at 720-507-8813. After 15 minutes of being tardy, your appointment will be marked as a no-show and your Booking Fee becomes non-refundable nor transferable. You will have to rebook online and pay another Booking Fee. Habitual rescheduling and/or canceling will result in you being added to the 3 strike "No Call/No Show" list. After 3 strikes you will not be permitted to book an appointment at Booji Beauty Bar & Co.


Staff Attendance:

Communication is key, so if we are running behind with a Guests service prior to your scheduled appointment or we are running late to work in general, we will do our best to communicate this delay to you. If we or a family member fall ill, and we need to call off work on the day of your scheduled appointment, our salon management team or our front desk Guest Service Expert will do everything possible to get you serviced with a different stylist. We will do our upmost best to get you serviced. If we are unable to get you rescheduled within a reasonable timeframe, we will give you 10% off of your next service. If none of the proposed timeframes work with your availability, we will refund your Booking Fee 100%.


We’ve Updated Your Appointment- Notification: 

At times we may make updates/corrections to your scheduled appointment. Prior to use making changes to your scheduled appointment(s), we will reach out to you to inform you of what’s going on with the schedule. We may make an update to your appointment for the following reason(s):

  • The service was booked incorrectly.
  • Add-ons were not added to the service.
  • The appointment was rescheduled by the Guest.
  • The front desk staff is cleaning up the schedule to allot for other Guests to book.
  • An employee called in sick.
  • An employee is no longer with the Booji Beauty Team.
  • Some openings have come available sooner due to a Guests cancellation/reschedule request.
  • Weather conditions/ salon closure
  • Add-ons were not added correctly when you booked online.



We understand how busy life can be and how last-minute changes can affect your daily routine. We do ask that you be mindful that Booji Beauty Bar & Co. is a busy salon that works strictly with an appointment scheduled and we rely on our guests turning up for their appointments. When you don’t attend your appointment or don’t give us enough notice that you can’t attend, that also means that we have turned away other Guests because that time was allocated to you specifically for that service, which is not fair to other guests trying to secure appointments.  


Cancellation/Rescheduling Requirement: 

We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, therefore, we respectfully request a minimum of 48 hours for cancellations and 48 hours for rescheduling. We require that you give us a call directly at 720-507-8813 during our hours of operation.


Late Cancellation and No-Call/ No-Show: 

The Late Cancellation Fee amount is 100% of the service total. If you paid a Booking Fee, the Booking Fee amount will be deducted from the 100% and you will owe the difference. This amount will be charged to the card on file. If the card on file is inactive, we reserve the right to take legal action for theft.


Chargebacks and Disputes:

We will dispute all chargebacks and file a theft police report and take all necessary legal actions.


Online Purchase Policy: 

Please be advised that all online purchases, including hair purchases, are shipped to the shipping address indicated at the time of your purchase. Online purchases will not be available for salon pickup. No exceptions. 


Product Purchase Refunds and Exchanges: 

We maintain strict standards for quality assurance. All our orders have been inspected prior to shipping and in store purchases. Due to the nature of the products all sales are deemed FINAL. Per federal law, the return of unhygienic (USED) hair extensions and wigs are prohibited, no refunds or exchanges will be performed.


By booking with Booji Beauty Bar & Co., you agree to ALL of our Salon Booking Policy. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by our Salon Policy. We greatly appreciate your support of our Salon Company, and we will promise to provide the utmost professional service to you with every visit. Thank you for viewing and supporting our Booking Policy.


With Love,


The Booji Beauty Team